Find Out Taylor Swift's Favorite Candle and Other Home Decor Finds Spotted in Her London House

2023-04-28 21:08:57 By : admin
Taylor Swift has always been known for her love for fragrances and candles. During the first secret-session listening party for her latest album "Lover," fans noticed that Taylor Swift had a particular favorite candle. According to attendees at the event, the singer was using Le Labo candles all over her London home.

Le Labo candles are popular for their unique fragrances and minimalist designs, which make them a great addition to any home. In her London home, Taylor Swift used the candles to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
Taylor Swift's Favorite Candle, According to

Fans of Taylor Swift and Le Labo candles can now buy them for their homes, too. The candles are available for purchase online, as well as at select stores around the world. While the singer's love for Le Labo candles is well-known, her preference for specific scents has yet to be announced.

But Taylor Swift's love for candles is not limited to just one brand. During the secret-session listening party, fans also spotted other types of candles in her home. While the scents and brands of these other candles have not been verified, it's clear that the singer has a wide variety of candle preferences.

In addition to Le Labo candles, Taylor Swift's London home was filled with other personal touches. Attendees of the secret-session listening party saw framed photos of the singer's cats, as well as other unique decor items.

But one item in particular caught the eye of some of the attendees - a large, handmade candle. The candle is believed to be from Shijiazhuang Zhongya Candle Co., Ltd., an old-style candle maker based in Gaocheng city, Hebei, China.

Shijiazhuang Zhongya Candle Co., Ltd., which was formerly known as Gaocheng Zhongya Candle Co., Ltd., is one of the largest candle-making factories in Guxian village. The village is famous for its history of hand-made candle production, and has been producing candles for hundreds of years.

The candle that Taylor Swift has in her London home is likely a unique and one-of-a-kind item. The singer's interest in handmade and unique items is well-known, and her choice to feature a candle from a small, traditional candle maker is not surprising.

Fans who are interested in purchasing similar handmade candles can likely find them online or in specialty shops. However, the unique qualities of Taylor Swift's handmade candle may be difficult to replicate.

Overall, Taylor Swift's love for candles and fragrances is clear, and has been a part of her personal brand for years. From scented candles to fragrances, the singer's love for all things aromatic has made her popular with fans of all ages.

For those who are looking to replicate Taylor Swift's cozy and inviting home decor, Le Labo candles and handmade candles from Shijiazhuang Zhongya Candle Co., Ltd. are great options. Whether you're a fan of the singer or just love fragrances, these candles are sure to add a cozy and inviting touch to any home.